Handy Steps to Success for Your Spring Cleaning

While we’re still knee-deep in the harsh cold of winter, it’s never too early to start your spring cleaning with Handy. Set up crucial stepping stone goals for you to jumpstart the new year with an organized and simplified home. Taking the minimalist route can have long-lasting benefits for your health as you adopt cleaning habits that can free up your Sundays from cleaning the apartment.

Handy Steps to Success for Your Spring Cleaning

  • Hire help. Many researchers have revealed that humans find greater satisfaction from purchasing services that save you money over buying material possessions. Some tasks are considered dreadful for certain individuals, such as cleaning. Handy, an online professional cleaning service, guarantees your happiness by delivering next day cleaning services. You can rate and review your professional online, and keep your favourite one coming back to de-clutter and sweep up your living area.
  • Establish morning and night routines. This includes making your bed every morning, throwing your dirty clothes in the hamper as opposed to your bedroom chair, washing the dishes, and preparing your lunch for the next day of work. Meal prepping is a great way to save time and money during a fast-paced week. We suggest you meal prep every Sunday and Wednesday by either baking or sautéing your vegetables, cooking your protein, tossing together your side salad (without the dressing of course!) and packing your snacks. Line your meals up in your fridge for each day of the week and you won’t find yourself rushing in the morning to pack a healthy meal!
  • Clean out your bedroom. The bedroom is a prized location that should have perfectly exposed countertops. Store those products away where they belong every night and you just may find that you’re getting a better night of rest from it. Your dresser tops and desk shouldn’t collect piles of papers, clothes and dust. Use a storage bin specifically for items that you do not have a regular use for. Throw away and recycle broken or empty items, such as old highlighters and tissue boxes.

Embark on the road to happiness without any piles of obstructing your view!

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