Why you need to keep your office windows Clean?

The Commercial Steam Team has dedicated their time to serving the whole Minneapolis area with their professional Window cleaning skills; not to mention their amazing window cleaning services in Twin city area. The Commercial Steam Team are best known as CSTWindowCleaning are family operated and have been going strong since…

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What is Granite?

What is Granite? The two places where Granite is most commonly used are in kitchens and cemeteries, however, the materials importance goes far beyond its uses because it forms the foundations of our continents! Granite is an igneous rock which is composed of mostly two minerals, 20% alkali feldspar and…

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Troubleshooting for Lawn Tractors


Lawn equipment is a relatively expensive investment. Unlike most of today’s throw-away products, lawn tractors are built to last. Lawn tractors that are well maintained and kept out of the elements will do just that. From time to time however, there occur certain small issues, usually due to required maintenance,…

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