Live Life Modern

Live life Modern

We know that designing your home is creating a completely unique environment. With the proper design and look, the flooring can match your luxury lifestyle. With Hardwood Giant, Our team is happy to help to place all the pieces together. Wood that is extracted from trees for building and manufacturing purpose is called ‘Timber’. Flooring…

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What to Look For in a Floor Insulation Contractor?


Floor insulation is one of the most overlooked areas in homes today. While most people know about heat loss through windows and doors, they do not realize that up to 40% of heat loss in their home is from the floor. Insulation is an important element of any home or commercial building. It is the…

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Why Does Parquet Or Laminate Flooring Lift, And How To Fix It?

Why Does Parquet Or Laminate Flooring Lift, And How To Fix It

Parquet, wooden flooring or laminate flooring must be installed with two basic precautions: assess the humidity of the support and the environment, and take into account the possible expansion and contraction of the wood. Here’s how to identify the problem and how to fix it. Ready to get a well-installed floor? Diagnose the problem Parquet,…

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Why You Need Kitchen Renos in 2021

kitchen renovation

There have been all sorts of polls and studies conducted in the home genre about which rooms of the house are the most popular, and the kitchen seems to win in a landslide. More than bedrooms, more than bathrooms, and even beating out specialties and novelties like game rooms, kitchens are really the number-one focus…

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Are Your Kitchen Renovations Adding Value?

Kitchen Renovations

We’ve all seen them in magazines and on TV shows, and many of us have them in our homes. What are we talking about? Newly renovated kitchens with a fresh, modern look! They’re all the rage and for a long list of good reasons. Many people are still not convinced that they should be putting…

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3 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Renovations

Home Renovations - Tear Out

Are you planning on renovating your kitchen? Many homeowners spend a significant amount of money in their kitchen. It makes sense because it’s where they spend a significant amount of time. It’s also a great way to recoup some of your costs since a well-designed kitchen can add to the value of your home. But…

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Tips To Investing In Small Kitchens

Scandinavian Domestic Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen is amongst a home’s most crucial spaces. This room serves as a gathering place where families not only consume meals but share conversations and create memories. Many people envision the kitchen as a large, spacious location. However, in a significant number of homes, this room is quite small, and the homeowner does not…

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